Clean And Simple Design



My Margins incorporates a simple interface that enables users to get the information they need in seconds


Don't waste time trying to figure out the cluttered interfaces of rival apps, download My Margins and get the information you're looking for.



Easy to use



Fill in your information in 2 of the fields above


Other fields will then change to a darker colour indicating they will be calculated


Press Calculate to get your results. Press reset to start again. It's as simple as that! Hit the mail icon to send the results


3 Calculators



Includes Margin, Markup, Cost, Price, Profit and VAT. Input the data you have and My Margins will tell you the rest.



Calculate the effect of VAT on a products price. Also works backwards and finds out how much VAT has been applied to a product



Looks at the impact of a discount on a price. Also lets you calculate what discount % you need to apply to go from one price to another



Available now in the iOS app store



My Margins supports iOS 6 and above and is available now for the iPhone and iPod touch

Use the link below to take you straight to the app store